Tsukasa Suzuki
Tsukasa Suzuki is a Japanese artist/art producer. He started his career as a fashion designer/dressmaker. He was sent to Rwanda by the Japanese government, and taught dressmaking to over 200 students, primarily single mothers. This skill transfer has helped them get out of poverty.

Since returning to Japan in 2016, he has focused on painting. His colorful/flat style with unique use of fluorescent paint and black light is influenced by both Japanese and African cultures. He is known for his live painting, and has collaborated with many exceptional musicians from Africa, the United States, and Japan. Currently he teaches "coffee painting" that he started when he didn't have paint in Rwanda.

In recent years, he teaches painting to street children and purchases the resulted work to sell in Japan and US. He also produces Afro-house dance group "afro k.a.s.a", and a dance contest in Rwanda.

He is a leader of "Tokyo Jusha", a performing art group based in Tokyo.

Some of his paintings are owned by embassies in Japan (Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Egypt) and by Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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